Macca’s® in the Community

We like to be an active part of communities across New Zealand.

  • We believe we’ve got a responsibility to give back to our local communities. Every year we help set up and support sporting, educational, charitable and environmental programmes designed to help a wide range of people and communities.

    If you are interested in support for your school, club or organisation, please read our sponsorship information and apply online to get support.

    Community involvement

    McDonald’s® has been an active part of New Zealand communities since 1976, and we are proud of the positive contribution we make. Our restaurants and franchisees play pivotal roles in their local area, and we take our responsibilities seriously to make sure we are a good neighbour and a good corporate citizen wherever we go.

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    Visit our sponsorship section if you’re looking for sponsorship or support from your local restaurant.

    Junior sport: Football

    Everyone starts by kicking a ball. That’s why we’re proud to help fuel kiwi kids’ passion for football. Our McDonald’s® Skills Zone Programme, will not only give kids, but parents and coaches the know-how to help their Small Whites become future All Whites® and Football Ferns®

    Find out more about McDonald's ® Skills Zone

    McDonald's Te Tai Tokerau Scholarship

    McDonald’s New Zealand established an annual sponsorship programme with the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in 1993. The primary aim of this scholarship is to extend education opportunities to Maori students from the Northland region, who may otherwise find it difficult to pursue a tertiary education. Together with AUT, McDonald’s has helped 69 students to attend AUT, with 35 graduates and 15 students currently studying.

    Olympic Games

    McDonald’s is a global sponsor of the Olympic Games movement, including both summer and winter Olympics. In 2008, to support the Beijing Olympics, McDonald’s undertook what turned out to be one of the biggest physical activity programmes New Zealand has ever seen. More than 100,000 free pedometers were distributed to 94,000 children from New Zealand primary schools. They took more than three billion steps, walking more than 1.6 million kilometres, and learned about New Zealand’s proud Olympic history at the same time.

    More about the Olympic Games

  • We receive lots of great ideas on how we can get involved in various types of events. To best present your proposal, read the guidelines below to see if your idea meets our criteria, then apply for either a local or national sponsorship.

    Application tips

    What we're looking for:

    We want to deliver valuable benefits to our customers and the wider community. We are especially dedicated to providing children with ways in which they can live balanced, active lives. Our sponsorships must reflect a grassroots and community focus.


    What we’re not looking for:

    Being one of many sponsors in a cluttered commercial environment.


    What we need from you:

    In your proposal, please include:

    • Name, details and credentials of your organisation
    • Determine whether this proposal is national or local
    • Description of the event or project for which sponsorship is sought
    • Where and when the event is being held
    • Timeline for projectProfile of the target audience
    • Details of other confirmed sponsors
    • Media partners and details of confirmed exposure=
    • Level of sponsorship sought (principal, co-sponsor, supplier etc)
    • Value-in-kind and cash requested
    • Details of the benefits of the sponsorship
    • Any further ideas you wish to include


    Local sponsorships:

    Where possible, local sponsorships should be referred to your local restaurant manager or franchisee.

    National sponsorships:

    We will do our very best to respond to your proposal within two weeks of receiving it. We prefer to receive submissions by email.

    Contact Us

    If you cannot email your submission, please post it to:
    McDonald's Sponsorship Team
    PO Box 6644
    Wellesley Street
    Auckland 1141