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Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I do if my order was incorrect?

We try to ensure that every visit you make to a McDonald’s® restaurant is a pleasant one, but from time to time, we do make mistakes.  If you would like to provide feedback, please take the time to fill out our online feedback form.

How do I provide feedback about a McDonald’s restaurant I’ve visited?

Customer feedback is very important to us.  You can contact us online or via phone, fax or letter.

Does McDonald’s have nutrition, ingredient or allergen information available? 

Yes. McDonald’s has full nutrition, ingredient and allergen information online.  We’re transparent about what’s in our food, and we also provide nutrition information on the back of traymats and on packaging.

Also check out our what's in it section for more information about where McDonald’s food comes from.

How do I get a job at McDonald's? 

To find out more about working at McDonald’s, take a look at our careers section.

You can apply online for a job at McDonald’s our recruitment site has information about jobs available now around New Zealand. 

Each McDonald’s restaurant also conducts its own recruitment. Contact your local McDonald’s restaurant and ask to speak to the Restaurant Manager on duty to find out when they are next recruiting and how to apply.

How do I go about getting sponsorship or donations for my club, school or association? 

McDonald’s restaurants are well known for the contributions they make to their local communities. McDonald’s New Zealand supports the community on a national and local basis. As a starting point you might like to look at our sponsorship criteria, or contact the owner, operator or restaurant manager of your local McDonald’s restaurant.

Can you send me information about McDonald’s for my school or uni assignment?

You can download information sheets for assignments in our students section, which also contains links to other useful sites.

If you require additional information, please contact the Communications Consultant at McDonald’s Head Office on (09) 539 4300.

How do I find out about opening a McDonald’s restaurant and what does it cost? 

McDonald’s has always been a franchising operation and we rely on our franchisees to play a major role in our success. In New Zealand, 80 per cent of our restaurants are franchised by local business men and women, and we are continually seeking highly qualified individuals to join the McDonald’s family as new franchisees.

For further information on McDonald’s franchises, please contact McDonald’s Head Office on (09) 539 4300.

Does McDonald’s ever request banking or credit card details in return for participation in a survey and/or providing personal in? 

No, never.

From time to time McDonald’s is the target of fraudulent email and web-based activity. Please be advised that McDonald’s New Zealand only uses reputable research companies and would never request bank or credit card details.

If you receive any emails or view web-based activity seeking bank or credit card details, claiming to be from McDonald’s New Zealand, we ask that you please lodge a complaint with the Ministry of Consumer Affair's SCAMwatch department.

Where does McDonald’s stand on animal welfare? 

At McDonald's we believe animals should be treated humanely, and free from cruelty, abuse and neglect. We have strict standards concerning the treatment of animals and abuse is not tolerated. We work with animal welfare experts to help guide us in our standards, which cover critical areas such as feed, water, air quality and humane treatment.  In New Zealand, all McDonald’s suppliers comply with or exceed New Zealand animal welfare legislation.

One of the initiatives implemented globally by McDonald’s is our work with industry recognised animal welfare experts, including Dr Temple Grandin.  Dr Grandin is highly regarded for her work in setting and continually improving global animal welfare standards, and has supported the development of our animal welfare programmes here in New Zealand.

How can I own a McDonald's?

Click here to find out more about owning a McDonald's.

How do I manage my communication from McDonald’s NZ

From time to time, as members of the MyMacca’s Reward’s, customers will receive emails advertising offers, products and other services available. Communication settings can be managed from a customers MyMacca’s Account – this can be found in the ’More’ section of the McDonald’s app.