Holidays Act 2003 – annual leave pay remediation

As with many companies, especially those with staff whose hours can vary week on week, when questions were raised about certain aspects of the Holidays Act 2003, we reviewed the processes and calculations used through our restaurants.


It’s a very complex process and we’ve been working with the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Enterprise (MBIE), taking expert advice and consulting with Unite Union, to ensure we get things right and pay whatever is owed to current and former employees.


We’ve recently agreed with MBIE a method to recalculate annual leave pay. If you have worked for McDonald’s since November 2009 you may be owed some money. We are working to the best of our ability to ensure the process followed provides a fair outcome for current and former employees.

A team is now working on the calculations and we will provide more information and updates on our website, and advertise when we’re ready to confirm any payments.

As at 1/6/21:

We appreciate your continued patience. This is a complex project that we are working on every day. We want to calculate any potential remediation for all current and former employees as quickly as we can, and to do this are following a rigorous process with MBIE and other experts.

Please bear with us and know we are working as fast as we can and will provide an update as soon as we can.