Your trust is a precious asset to Macca's®. That’s why we place so much focus on getting involved in the local community.


Macca’s in the Community

One of Macca’s core values is playing an active role in neighbourhoods across New Zealand. You can learn more about our involvement here.


Macca’s & the Environment

We’re constantly monitoring the environmental impact of our business and continually working to improve it. Discover what actions we have in place and what the future holds.

Macca's People

Macca’s People

The people who work at Macca’s are key to what makes McDonald’s so successful. Find out what it’s like to be a part of the McDonald’s family.

Discover the Food

Quality & Sustainability

Over the years we’ve continually improved our menu, adding healthier options and improving the sustainability of our sources. Find out more about our menu and what we’re doing to improve it for tomorrow. 


Discover RMHC®

Find out more about Ronald McDonald’s House Charities®, the programs, the team, the families we help and how you can help us help more families in need.  

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Corporate Responsibility

We’re constantly monitoring every aspect of our business to make sure we’re looking after our customers, employees and the environment to the highest standards.