Macca’s® & the Environment

Being environmentally responsible is a key part of our business.

  • Environment: our approach

    Our approach to the environment is evolving with the changing needs for environmental sensitivity. The 3R’s – reduce, re-use, recycle have always been a part of our approach to helping the environment but we know there’s more to it than that. That’s why McDonald’s Corporation globally are teaming up with key environmental organisations to integrate environmental sustainability into all our business practices.

    Environment: our objectives

    Our key environmental objectives are to:

    • Make the environment a consideration in everything we do
    • Provide environmental leadership, training and education for our suppliers
    • Seek programmes and partnerships that promote positive, environmental outcomes
    • Ensure that we comply with all environmental laws and regulations
    • Ensure that all staff are aware of their responsibilities and accountable for their actions
    • Review and improve our environmental performance

    Environment: our actions

    We’re committed to making a difference by putting our environmental objectives into action. Our environmental efforts are focused on four key areas where we know we can make the most impact.


    We’re implementing innovative new strategies to reduce the energy consumption in our restaurants across New Zealand.

    • Electricity and gas: we’re improving energy efficiency by trialling new equipment that uses less energy.
    • Water:We’re making vital changes to improve our water usage and water waste in all our restaurants.
    • All our restaurants built since 1999 are fitted with water flow control devices, reducing water consumption.
    • Water meters to monitor our usage so we can review and improve it.
    • Grease arresters and additional screens to remove large amounts of grease and solids from entering our waste water.


    We’re taking action to make sure all our materials and products are managed to minimise their environmental impact.

    • Our cups, burger and salad boxes are recyclable
    • We’re working towards a compostable and recyclable waste stream.
    • We’re using our packaging, car park signage and restaurant rubbish bins to remind customers not to litter.

    Supply chain

    We’re encouraging and supporting our suppliers to reduce production waste and raw material usage, and to increase the use of recycled and biodegradable materials.

    • We’ve integrated environmental performance into supply chain reporting processes.
    • Our suppliers work actively with us on key environmental projects including waste management and packaging.

    Environment: our programmes

    We’re involved in corporate environmental sustainability through our involvement in a range of key environmental initiatives and programs.

    New Zealand Packaging Accord
    McDonald’s is a signatory to the New Zealand Packaging Accord, which is a voluntary initiative developed in 2004 to help reduce wasteful packaging. McDonald’s focus is around recycling packaging, reducing unnecessary packaging, waste minimisation and litter.

    Playing a part in New Zealand’s beef sustainability journey

    McDonald's Beef Sustainability.pdf
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  • Our freshly ground coffee doesn't just taste great, it's making a difference as well. Every 100% Arabica coffee bean we grind at McCafé® is sourced only from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms in Brazil, Honduras & Kenya that meet the strict environmental and social standards set by the Rainforest Alliance.


    The Rainforest Alliance seal guarantees that your coffee was grown on a farm where the environment is protected and workers are given access to better pay, education and medical care. It also means your McCafé® coffee is delivered with the same quality and flavour that you love.