Who or what makes McDonald's coffee?

People ask a lot of questions about where our coffee comes from. Rumour has it our coffee comes from machines – that’s sort of true, but we just call them great baristas.



We know the perfect cup of coffee is part art, part science, which is why we put each barista through specialised training so that they can make the perfect cup of coffee every time you order.



We source 100% Arabica beans from the world’s finest coffee-producing regions, and we roast them in Auckland, New Zealand so they suit our local tastes.

We’re proud to be making a difference too – we source from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms that meet the strictest of environmental and ethical standards.



The pressure and espresso process of our specially designed, Italian-made coffee machines extract a full-bodied flavour from our beans, meaning every sip of your coffee is delicious.



Our baristas take pride in heating the milk so that it is perfectly smooth in every cup. It helps that New Zealand milk is some of the world’s best, from local suppliers sourced through Fonterra and Goodman Fielder. With the last flourish a great coffee becomes a masterpiece; how about a fern? A heart shape? A tulip?