It takes a pretty extraordinary bakery to supply the 100 million buns, muffins and bagels Kiwis eat at McDonald’s every year.


ARYZTA Bakery based in Wairau Valley on Auckland’s North Shore has provided McDonald’s New Zealand’s bread for more than 20 years. And they’re just as commited to sourcing local as we are.


The flour used in our baking is milled to our specifications in Ōtāhuhu, while the yeast comes from Hamilton.


ARYZTA bakes fresh every single day, crafting 1.9 million buns and baked goods for us each week. Our North Island restaurants receive their buns fresh, while buns destined for the South Island are frozen and thawed upon arrival before being toasted (or steamed) and served.


The bakery takes care of the entire process, from the mixtue of the flour and water with yeast, proofing, kneading and baking. The buns are glazed using pea protein, and some are dusted with seasame seeds before they hit the oven, cooled, sliced, ready to be delivered.


Once in restaurant, our toasters brown the buns in 22 seconds flat, so fresh buns are always ready to wrap around your favourite burger.  


We’ve made a few changes to our buns in recent years including reducing the sugar by 30 per cent as part of our ongoing commitment to reduce sugar from our menu items. Our buns have also changed shape, and some are smaller in diameter but taller in height to improve the ratio of bun to filling with each bite.