100% New Zealand beef

We get a lot of questions about our beef, like where does it come from? Rumour has it we add flavour enhancers – that’s sort of true, a sprinkle of salt and pepper once the 100 percent beef patty is cooked does add flavour. The team at McDonald’s New Zealand aim to put all the rumours about our beef to rest and show that McDonald’s beef burgers are made out of 100% New Zealand beef and nothing else.



All our beef patties are made from quality New Zealand beef sourced from farms across the country.


100% BEEF

Our beef is made into patties by the team at ANZCO Foods at Waitara, Taranaki. Our patties have no preservatives, no additives, no fillers, no binders – just 100% beef.



The only thing that is added to our beef patties is a sprinkle of salt and pepper while they’re cooking.