There are often a lot o questions asked about where McDonald's potatoes come from. Questions like where are they grown? Or how can we get such perfect fries? We feel the best way to dispel the rumours about our potatoes is to answer these questions so that you can see the truth about McDonald's potatoes.



Canterbury has the world's best potatoes - according to us, anyway. Our special varieties of potatoes are all grown there, before being brought to McCain's facility in Timaru, where they're turned into our famous fries. 



Good news - our fries and hash browns come from 100% real, natural potato. Our suppliers, McCain and Simplot, both have a policy of no genetically modified potatoes in any of their products.



Wondering how we get our fries to be so consistently golden? The secret is a natural, corn-derived dextrose solution. You don't need much of it either. In fact, the solution accounts for only 0.01% of the weight of a frozen fry.