The Kerwin Frost Box

Inspo for the McNugget in You

The Kerwin Frost Box is a meal with your faves, featuring a limited-edition McNugget Buddy collectible designed by artist Kerwin Frost. A lifelong McDonald’s fan with a special love for the Buddies, Frost has crafted a unique story and outfit for each character. The meal comes with your choice of Big Mac® or 10 piece McNuggets®, medium Fries, a medium drink, plus a McNugget Buddy you can remix and style your own way.* Can you collect them all?

*At participating McDonald's for a very limited time. While stocks last.

Meet Kerwin Frost

Kerwin Frost is an artist from Harlem, most well known for his work within fashion and music. He is a creative director, a DJ, street style icon and host of his own interview series. As a lifelong fan of McDonald’s and the McNugget Buddies, Kerwin is proud to team up and bring “The Kerwin Frost Box” to life. His Frost Way collectible designs marry a vivid fashion style with a respect for the enduring iconography of the McDonald's brand.

Every-Buddy Has a Story

Each Frost Way character comes with a unique set of accessories. The real magic is that you can swap pieces with friends to curate a truly original outfit.

Kerwin Frost

#1 McNugget Buddy Hype Man

Voted mayor of Frost Way by unanimous decision, he always supports his Buddies. Perfection isn’t his style, as he recognizes he isn’t perfect himself. Instead, he encourages and champions originality.


The Princess of Positivity

She makes dreams come true with her wand. Everywhere she goes in Frost Way, positivity follows. She admires the little things, like flowers—giving her a charm that everyone adores.

Uptown Moe

The Local’s Local of Frost Way

As the town’s mascot, he wears the city on his sleeve. Direct and naturally funny, he has a supportive nature that brings all of the Buddies together, especially for special occasions.

Don Bernice

Wise & Witty Stylist

As a wise and experienced fashion designer, she creates all of the outfits for the Buddies of Frost Way. She is steps ahead, providing wisdom and guidance to all of the Buddies as they express themselves in their own way.


Self-Proclaimed “Cool” Guy

As the most adventurous Buddy of Frost Way, he's cool, confident and energetic. He can be a bit devious to get the attention of others, but everything he does is with good intentions. Deep down he really just wants to be accepted.


Lead Singer of The Frostettos

She moved to Frost Way to become a superstar. As employee of the month at her local McDonald’s, she’s already known around town. Now the stage is set to overcome self-doubt and bring down the house at her big debut.