McDonald's apples are used in quite a few of our dishes. Whether it's in the classic Apple Pie or in a fruit bag, we always try to ensure the quality of the ingredients used in our food. We get a lot of questions like "Why don't McDonald's apples turn brown? Or "Are McDonald's apples healthy?" As if apples from McDonald's are somehow less healthy than a normal apple. We'd like to address some of these pressing questions to help quell these rumours.



The apples in our apple bags are one of New Zealand's favourite varieties - the Royal Gala, all sourced from Hawkes Bay.



The apples in our pies are Granny Smiths, which are also grown here in New Zealand. The old, trusted green apples make up for over 50% of our pie filling. The rest is of course made up of our smooth, thick sauce, with flavours of lemon, cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg.



Have you noticed that our apples don't go brown? That's because we use something called NatureSeal. It's made from naturally occuring Vitamin C and has been given the thumbs up by the Australia and New Zealand Food Standard Code.