Free Range Eggs

When our customers asked us to move away from caged eggs, we listened and we’re now proud to say all freshly cracked eggs served in our restaurants are certified free range.

 McDonald’s free range eggs are sourced from Otaika Valley near Whangarei and Zeagold Foods in Otago and make up about seven and a half percent of all free range eggs sold in New Zealand.

 Our free range egg supply is independently audited, with all farms adhering to the Animal Welfare (Layer Hens), Code of Welfare 2012.

 To show Kiwis where our free range eggs come from, we’ve teamed up with comedian Rhys Mathewson to show you inside Otaika Valley farm in Whangarei. Through the eyes of ‘robo-chicken’ you’ll see life on the farm is very free and rangey.