Potatoes, ordered from here

Introducing our most popular menu item – the McDonald’s World Famous Fries™. More than 12,000 tonnes of potatoes are required each year to keep up with Kiwis love of McDonald’s fries.

It’s a tall order for our potato supplier, McCain’s, but they never fail to deliver.

Grown primarily in South Canterbury and made into fries in Timaru, McCain’s has been our New Zealand fries supplier for 30 years.

McDonald’s has a strict criteria for our French Fries to ensure the very best are served globally. We require our suppliers to complete more than 120 analytics and sensory checks to be completed from incoming raw material to the finished product to ensure product quality.

As a result, you’ll find our fries have the same delicious flavour, golden colour and crispy texture whether you’re in NZ, Japan or Sweden

There are 11 types of potatoes that are approved for our French Fries and three of them (Innovator, Russet Burbank and Shepody) flourish in Canterbury due to light fertile soils. Each of those species has slow defect rates and the ideal tuber length for the right length of fry.

From ground to restaurant is a simple but thorough process. Our potatoes are harvested, washed, quality checked, and cooked in canola and sunflower oil blend globally to ensure consistent taste and then frozen for delivery to our New Zealand restaurants. In restaurant, our fries take between 2:55-3:05 to cook from frozen form to perfection.

Ever wondered why our fry boxes have holes at the bottom on either side? The boxes arrive at our restaurants flat packed and are folded up like origami by our crew. The holes in the bottom corners not only help build a stronger base so the fry boxes can stand up on their own, but they also allow for ventilation, allowing moisture to escape and keep the chips at the bottom of the packet to stay crispier for longer.