Soft Serve

Plenty of Kiwis will have happy memories of our delicious soft serve. Whether it’s a Sundae, McFlurry or cone, Kiwi’s favourite soft serve is always creamy, fluffy and made with fresh New Zealand milk and cream.
Our soft serve journey begins with Kiwi dairy farmers nationwide. Our long-term milk supplier, Fonterra, works with dairy farmers throughout the country, raising cows that happily graze on grass and produce the fresh milk which becomes our ice cream.
From the farms, the milk and cream travels to Fonterra’s beverage centre in Auckland where it’s turned into a liquid soft serve mix within 24 hours before being distributed to our restaurants. You won’t find any nasties in our soft serve, and no powder fillers, it’s a liquid mix of milk and cream with natural vanilla flavouring.
More than 70 hardworking Fonterra experts ensure the end-result every time is the creamy soft serve Kiwis love. Fonterra employs a team of sensory experts that taste every batch of soft serve manufactured to ensure our customers always get the same delicious experience.
The soft serve liquid mix is poured into the sundae machines in restaurant where it is whipped and chilled to become a solid. No additional ingredients are added in this process apart from air.
When our soft serve comes out of the machine it swirls two and a half times in to a fresh cone – a perfect treat!