McDonald’s NZ customers eat an average of 908,000kgs of iceberg lettuce each year.

Fresh, shredded lettuce is a key component of many of our burgers from the Big Mac to the McChicken which is why it’s important we use the highest quality product to make every bite the best bite.

Sutherland Farms is one long-time grower, harvesting iceberg lettuce from fertile Bombay soil, just outside of Auckland. The Franklin area is some of the most fertile and productive soils in New Zealand, home to volcanic soil rich in minerals that allows produce to flourish.

Due to the time needed to allow the lettuce to grow, long lead times are needed for our orders therefore the lettuce you might eat from a restaurant today could have been planted up to five months ago and ordered months before then.

Once grown, the lettuces are harvested, inspected and chilled straight away by the farmers before being transported to GSF Fresh! where the produce is quality inspected for a second time and then washed, cut, packed and transported to the McDonald’s distribution centre.

This means we can get the freshest and finest lettuce delivered from farms to our restaurants shredded and chilled within 48-hours of being picked.