Fish, ordered from here

Our relationship with Motueka-based Talleys spans 39 years and is a true testament to our commitment to long term partnerships with local suppliers.
Since 1981, Talley’s has been our sole provider of Filet-O-Fish 100% New Zealand hoki patties, supplying an average of over 6,000kg of hoki required for our Kiwi Filet-O-Fish lovers each week.
Before the 80’s, McDonald’s imported American caught cod patties to bring Kiwis their favourite fish burger but Talley’s had the bright idea of using hoki instead of cod so we could use a locally sourced fish. We took them up on that pitch and became the first market outside of the United States to use a fish other than cod in Filet-O-Fish burgers.
Our hoki is caught sustainably by Talleys, with boats going on three-day trips during the hoki season which begins in July and runs through to early September. The fish is frozen within hours of being caught to ensure freshness from sea to burger.
All hoki is filleted by hand within six days of being caught before being made into 7.5kg blocks and frozen. The team at Talleys in Motueka cut the hoki blocks into Filet-O-Fish patties, batter them and then ship them to McDonald’s stores nationwide. Hoki patties take 3 minutes to cook in restaurant resulting in the best, succulent Filet-O-Fish burgers served every time. Hoki, cheese, tartar sauce and two warm buns – what’s not to love?