Eggs, ordered from here

We pride ourselves on serving 100 per cent free range eggs at every McDonald’s New Zealand restaurant.
Kiwis’ love of the Kiwiburger and McMuffin results in us serving 13 million eggs per year and our friends at Otaika Valley Free Range Eggs in Whangarei and Zeagold in Waikouaiti are our Kiwi suppliers.
Free range hens roam freely around barns and outside on grassed areas daily and the result is high quality, fresh, free range eggs in your favourite McDonald’s breakfast items every time.
To meet the requirements of free range there must be 1 acre of land per 1,000 chickens. Otaika Valley has 750 hens per acre at their Whangarei farm and 120,000 total hens across their Whangarei and Kaharoa farms.
In 2015, we became the first and largest New Zealand restaurant chain to make the move to serve only free range eggs in our restaurants. We prompted a wider industry move to prioritise free range eggs after increasing awareness and setting an example for others to follow.
It took almost 18 months to transition completely to serving free range eggs only as both our suppliers were required to invest in additional farming equipment and expand their farming systems in our to meet the demand. At that time we were purchasing and serving almost 10 per cent of New Zealand’s free range egg supply every year.