Our cheese begins with Kiwi dairy farmers nationwide. Our long-term dairy supplier, Fonterra, works with dairy farmers throughout the country, raising cows that happily graze on lush pastures and produce fresh milk.

We use this milk to create our delicious cheese – a staple in most of our burgers.

When it is collected from farmers, milk is delivered to the nearest Fonterra factory where it is quality-tested. Our restaurants require 1.5 million kilograms of cheese each year, which means Fonterra uses 7.5 million litres of milk to meet the demand.

The cheese-perfect milk is transported to Fonterra’s speciality cheese manufacturing site in the small-town of Eltham (pop. 1,970) in Taranaki. Here, the cheese is mixed and heated with other dairy products, water, beta carotene for natural colour, and emulsifier before being chilled and sliced into stacks. While the heating process only takes a few seconds, it takes the Eltham team two weeks to complete the number of quality checks for each batch before the cheese is distributed to our New Zealand restaurants.

We have hundreds of strict guidelines which ensure McDonald’s cheese has the same great taste worldwide. The great cheese Fonterra produces is in such high demand that 9 million kgs is exported each year throughout McDonald’s Asia, Pacific and the Middle East.