The Kiwiburger wouldn’t be the Kiwiburger without beetroot. And we wouldn’t dare use anything other than homegrown, New Zealand goodness.
Straight from five growers in the Hawke’s Bay region, 160,000kgs of beetroot is sent to us by Heinz Wattie’s Limited each year.
Our beets are grown in sunny Hawke’s Bay, which has the ideal combination of a warm climate, fertile soils and water supply to deliver a consistently high quality product. 
Each grower has several paddocks through which they rotate the crops each year in order to keep soil and plants pest and disease free. Beetroot takes a long time to grow, between 90-130 days, meaning we have to place our order almost a year in advance to ensure the Kiwiburger has beetroot year round. 
Once grown, the beetroot is harvested, washed and inspected before being blanched for easier removal of skin. From there, our beetroot is manually inspected then sliced before being cooked and canned.
Finally, the beetroot are dispatched and make their way to our restaurants across the country before they end up in the best place for them: your Kiwiburger.