Beef, ordered from here

New Zealand’s lush green pastures and temperate climate means our country produces some of the world’s best beef. So it’s little surprise we serve New Zealanders 6,500 tonnes of quality beef each year, including 654 tonnes of Angus beef, primarily from farms across the central North Island.

In fact New Zealand is one of McDonald’s top ten beef producing markets and it’s such a hit with the rest of the world that a significant percentage of NZ’s beef exports are to international McDonald’s markets. In 2019, 23,400 tonnes of beef was purchased by McDonald’s globally.

We partner with many Kiwi farmers who produce our beef, including Whangara Farms. Managed by Richard Scholefield, Whangara Farms was the first beef farm outside of Europe to be invited to the McDonald’s Flagship Farmers programme, a global partnership which recognises Whangara Farms’ ongoing commitment to measure and benchmark their sustainability efforts and share these with peers and fellow farmers.

ANZCO Foods, based in the small Taranaki town of Waitara, are responsible for making our 100% beef patties. About 90% of the staff at the Waitara plant are locals and they manage to produce around half a million patties each day. Our quality beef cuts are minced and that’s it. No additives or fillers, just mince that is formed in patties, before they’re flash frozen and sent to restaurants.

Cooking times vary between patties; regular patties take 41 seconds to cook through, Quarter Pounder patties take 114 seconds and the Angus patties taken 108 seconds. In restaurant they’re cooked with a sprinkling of salt and pepper and nothing else – simple as that.