Apples, ordered from here

We wouldn’t dare serve anything other than homegrown, New Zealand Granny Smiths in our delicious Apple Pies.
The Apple Pie was the first dessert to grace the McDonald’s menu and has been a staple item since 1968, when a Tennesee based franchisee cooked up the idea.
The first McDonald’s opened in New Zealand eight years later, and we began the search for a Kiwi company who could do the recipe justice, using local apples, growers and bakers.
We found Rotorua-based Richmond Foods, who have been delivering Kiwis one of their favourite dessert ever since 1976.
Located in Fairy Springs, Richmond Foods make approximately 2,995,200 Apple Pies each year using locally sourced Granny Smith’s from a Hawke’s Bay orchard. The sunny, warm climate of the Hawke’s Bay provides ideal growing conditions.
Apples arrive at the bakery, are cut and the filling is created using ingredients including cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon. A special pastry formulation unique to New Zealand surrounds the filling and is formed into a pillow-shape – the entire preparation from start to finish taking approximately 45 minutes. Pies are then frozen, glazed and packed for distribution across the country.
Once the pies arrive in restaurant they’re unpacked, cooked for six minutes and await an apple pie order from a Kiwi after a fruity treat.